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1:20 T08A2 (from Ghost In The Shell)
Liekis Paulius

T08A2 is a 3D printed mechanised hexapod. The robot is a scale model of a spider tank from Ghost In The Shell movie.

It took roughly ~250 hours of 3D printing time... and probably even more time for polishing using acetone, sand paper, files and putty. It is actuated by 28 servos and driven by 2 Raspberry Pi micro controllers with custom software for locomotion and animation. It has two lasers (serious, how can you have a robot with lazors?!!!:) It can be controlled by PS3 joystick, but it has some autonomy as well - it can track and follow faces.

See it in action here: https://vimeo.com/168164892

You can see more videos, photos and info here: http://gits-tank.com

© Liekis Paulius

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